Friday, March 9, 2007

Taledega Nights and plastic spoons....

The latest Netflix movie we saw was "Taledega Nights". Holy! I am a pretty big Wil Farrell fan, but this was hideous. Nothing good about it, honestly.

Yesterday Jason helped out in preschool while I took Jacob to gymnastics. I'm so glad we chose to do it that way instead of opposite because of what happened. We were already home when they got back. Jason walked in with a weird look on his face and said "boy...big excitement at preschool today." To which I said "what...did someone throw up?" To me that would be a big day. "No, it involved the fire dept and 911." he said.

So what happened was that one of the boys was biting his plastic spoon they were using for applesauce and managed to break it and swallowed the piece of plastic. At first it looked like he was choking and he couldn't talk. The teachers were clam. The kids were calm for the most part except a few girls who were crying. They called 911 and sent my husband to the school office to get the principal. So when all the parents came to pick up their 3 year olds they were greeted with a fire truck and ambulance. They of course were all running in terrified.

It sounds like he is going to be ok. He was able to say his throat hurt. So it was either lodged in there or scrapped his throat on the way down. We saw Miss Cheri at the restaurant we ate at last night and she seemed to think everything was fine. Like I said before it's a very good thing I was not there. I told Miss Cheri i would have been balled up in the corner rocking myself saying "find your happy place". Choking kids are one of my biggest phobias.

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Greta said...

i would have been calm until it was all over then i would have had a meltdown....

glad he is OK