Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Suite Vegas baby

Here's a picture of our new nephew Daniel. We stopped by to meet this little cutie on our way to Vegas.

We then drove to Tehachapi were we stayed the night a the Holiday Inn Express, which was nice. Next day we were off. Here I am driving in the high desert. Notice how I'm going about 90 and not looking at the road. That's how everyone drives there!

Check out the suite we upgraded to at The Paris Hotel...Ohh La La

We had a blast!! Won some money, hung out at the pool, cabana style, one day. Went to 2 shows, and slept in until after 9!! We needed that break! The kids had a great time with their grandparents, and vice versa.


Angela said...

What a cutie! Sounds like a fabulous vacation!

Greta said...

sheesh i am green with envy....that suite is HAWT!!!

your nephew is a doll...i miss them that age

Greta said...

oh yeah and i always drive 90 and not look at the road as well...we have to keep up the stigma ya know....damn women drivers