Sunday, August 5, 2007

Our *fantastic* summer getaway

The title is a sarcasm folks. Our summer getaway was a bust.

We went to San Jose so the boys could see dad's "big office". He goes to San Jose a couple times a month and when he does, we always say he's at the big office, so they really wanted to see it. The boys were quite impressed.

After we dropped dad off at work the boys and I went to the Children's Discovery Museum. It was a blast! The kids loved everything about it. We stayed for a good 3 hours, but they could have stayed for a couple more. We will have to hit this spot again.

We went back to dad's work and then headed to the Fairmont, where we had a super nice suite waiting for us. All would have been great if the kids would have been good. Part of it is our fault. We forgot toys and books. So they went nuts...then we went nuts....and cut our trip 2 days short.

We got up the next morning and checked out of the hotel. The we decided since we were there we would go to The Tech museum...another cool spot and the kids were fascinated. We stayed for a few hours, but Luke was getting tired and whiny, so we left. But again, we will have to go back, we missed a whole level.

Our original plan included going to the beach, the aquarium and visiting with friends. But when the kids are being nerds we just have to pack it in. Hopefully the next trip they will be back to normal!

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