Saturday, November 3, 2007


So I got tagged by Lesle and instead of doing the thing she tagged me to do, I'm doing this one instead....:-) All about my first born.

1)Were you married at the time? Yes
2) What were your reactions? Excited!
3) How old were you? 29
4) How did you find out your were pregnant? EPT
5) Who did you tell first? My dad
6) Did you want to find out the sex? no
7) Did you deliver early or late? early, about a week
8) Did you have morning sickness? no
9) What did you crave? Mexican food
10) Who irritated you the most? My mother
11) What was your first child’s sex? Boy
12) How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy? I refused to look at the scale, but probably 50lbs or so.
13) Did you have any complications? no
14) Where did you give birth? At the hospital
15) How many hours were you in labor? 16 hours
16) Who drove you to the hospital? My husband, at 1 am.
17) Was it natural or c-section? Natural
18) Did you take medicine to ease the pain? As soon as I could! I was on a pitocin drip to help my contraction along and was taking stadol because I wasn't dilating. And finally after 13 hours of non-epidural labor I got one. And he was born about 1 1/2 hours after the epidural, so most of it was with none.
18) How much did your child weigh? 7lbs 2 oz
19) Did you child have any complications? I hemorrhaged after delivery...I felt really lightheaded because I had lost so much blood. I look so pale in the few photos of me that day.
20) What did you name him? Jacob Griffin (My mom's maiden name is Jacobson, and my Grandmother's maiden name was Griffin)
21) How old is your first born today? 6 years

Ok...I'm sending this to 3 other moms I know....Greta, Elizabeth and Simone...can't wait to see about your birth stories!


Jenn said...

OH my gosh ! How cute is he !?!? I like that you changed the tagging ! I was tagged a week or two ago , neat change ! Interesting to read too !

I put both your links on my blog and plugged the kits and challenges in my latest post , lol ! Im shameless when i love a kit ! lol ... Im such a kit addict !

Talk to you later ! gonna go check out the challenge !

LesleMora said...

You cheated!!!! LOL

That's an adorable photo!

Anonymous said...

Oh Noel, Jacob is such a cutie!! Love the hat! So great reading about answers. Hugs, Sonda

SpAzzGiRL said...

He is a cutie.
Working on mine, where on the survey do I right in the yelling and screaming??!! LOL