Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nice weekend!

We had a great weekend around here! The weather was perfect (mid 80's) and the kids loved getting out into the sunshine. Today the guys spent some time washing the car and then dad turned the hose on the boys to let them run around the front lawn and burn off some energy!

I did this LO this morning using the new Crate paper Static kit, which I sell over in the store! This is such an awesome paper pack to do all your boy stuff with! it includes papers, die cuts, and rub it's a great deal!

Last night Jason and I got to go over to some friends house for a nice little party. It was so great to get out with the grown ups, even though I was really tired and we were the first to leave. At any rate his turned out to be a really nice weekend, after a long past few weeks!


bruinbr said...

those new Crate lines are the best! That last pic is so cute too! :P

chelemom said...

Awwwww, your boys are the cutest! Love the LO! And by the way, Miss Enabler....I bought the new Page MAps because of you.....yea you twisted my arm! I Love it though! :)

Lisa said...

I looked at the kit you used, I would have never pictured this layout from that kit. It's awesome! might have to get that from you