Monday, June 9, 2008

Kung Fu and the Drive in.

This weekend was quite the big movie weekend for our family. Friday was the first day out of school so we met up with some friends for lunch and then off to see Kung Fu Panda. Run to the theaters to see it!! Even if you don't have kids you will love it. Jack Black is hilarious and it's really worth the price of admission!

Friday night after the movie I had a Bunco night with the girls. I lost. Oh well.

Then on Sat. we did a bunch of chores around the house and then we decided to try the drive in theater a few towns over. I hadn't see the Indiana Jones movie yet and I really wanted to. So we got there about 45 minutes before the show was starting. WOW, that place was packed. So we found our screen and managed to get a good spot.

The cool thing is that all the shows are double features. Most people were there to see the Kung Fu Panda/Iron Man double feature. Our second show was Drillbit Taylor. Anyway, I haven't been to a drive in since I was a kid. This place was like a time machine. I don't think they have even repainted since maybe 1970. The concession stand was the round looking building in the middle of the screens with the old time playground (not sure how that passes inspection). And all the funky old signs are still up, chipped paint and all. Next time we go I am definitely going to get there really early and wander around for some photos.

So we backed in and got ALL our blankets and pillows set up. The kids brought about every single pillow and blanket in their rooms they were so excited. The show was supposed to start at 8:45. So by 9:30 it was still not showing. I'm not sure if this is how all drive in's work or what. I guess since it's not like there is another show after they just start once everyone is in. It was interesting. The kids only made it for about the first half an hour which was good, because it was to scary for them. It was kind of a fun movie, but this is one you can skip and get on Netflix for sure. Here's a few shots of the evening!


Kimmie0270 said...

A drive in theater, that's awesome! I've only been to 1 once, they are such a fun experience!

Greta Adams said...

we saw kung fu panda on was so good!! lol
we want to see iron man too!!!

Anonymous said...

Nikolas wants to see that ! Your photos are soooo cute, your little guys are such dolls !
Hope you are having a good weekend girl :) Im gonna check out your challenge too !

Kerttu said... looks like they had a lot of fun :D
I'm totally ready for the Kung Fu PANDA to come to Norway now...we will definitely go and see it;)