Sunday, September 28, 2008

Enjoying the weekend

Well, so far this has been a nice weekend. Probably the last 'hot" one we will have until May or so. It's mid 90's here this weekend and while I'm definitely ready for fall, it is nice to get one last warm weekend in to do summer things. Yesterday was a marathon soccer day, with one game at 10 and one at 1. So we were here, there and everywhere. Our teams won both games! YIPPEE!!
On the way home from soccer I suggested we go to the movies after we got home and cleaned up. So we showered and changed and went to see Igor, the only family friendly movie out right now it seems. All I can say is don't waste your money. It starts out with great potential, but just goes downhill after about the first 10 minutes. The music choices are ill fitting and there is some political commentary that I found rather "in your face". I'm all for kids movies that entertain with a message, but this was really off base. SKIP IT.
After the show we were going to go eat at Lucille's BBQ, but when we pulled up there were people waiting outside and we didn't feel like waiting for dinner so we drove down a block to Mel's Diner and had burgers and shakes. YUM. Then we came home and crashed. I was asleep by 10 I think.
Today is chore day, fixing a broken toilet seat, cleaning out the fridge, mowing the lawn kind of day. Making homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner. Boring, but sometimes boring is great. :)


Greta Adams said...

yeah mason and oneil went to see it last weekend and said it sucked..i was did look good from the trailer

NancyJones said...

why is it all these kid movies are coming out and they have all this political undertow to them? DRIVES ME INSANE! I will mark that one up to no go!!

Jenn said...

Im such a slacker and a bad blogger lately !! Hope all is well girl, my AIM isnt installed on my new laptop yet so im cut off from the chat community, lol .... somehow my yahoo addy got cut from you kit list, only my paypal one gets it, the one kit was sold out before i got the thingy, fasssst !!!! We will catch up soon i hope !!