Thursday, May 3, 2007

I have "mom's" diease

I have an overwhelming need when I make food to make way to much! It's like my true calling was to be a cook in the army or something!! I always have leftovers. Every party, every event, every holiday. I overdo it and I can't stop!

This is what I managed to "whip up" in 2 days for Jacob's kindergarten bake sale tomorrow at the spring carnival. 50 pks of chocolate covered graham crackers (that's 100, folks) and 40 pks of chocolate covered oreo pops (80). I also decorated them, packaged them and will hand deliver them on a silver platter no less, just kidding (on the silver platter part that is). the packaging took a day alone. I need to chill I think. Because I'm sure my goodies will sit on the table while the chocolate chip cookies from Safeway that someone threw in a ziploc will sell before mine, it never fails!

Also...notice the bottles of wine in the background of the first picture?? I hit the old BevMo buy one get one for a nickel sale the other day. This is what treats "mom's disease".


Greta said...

lol i know where you are coming from i over cook (when i cook once a month) and i over do it for the kid's class as is my example: for easter they had a party and i bought the winton cake frosting bags shaped like cones and they are clear. I bought cheetos stuffed 50 bags for 26 kids (lol) and tied them with green ribbon to make it look like carrots...NOW TELL ME..why was it necessary to make 50 for 26...grrrrr!!!!

LesleMora said...

Oh my gosh, yummy!