Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh no you Dih..n't

Oh yes I did!! I bought 4 pair of shoes for Vegas! I'm leaving in a couple of weeks for a fun filled getaway with my husband and some friends. So what is any proper girl to do?? SHOP!!! Ok, in my defense the Old Navy flip flops were 8$ and the rest were all on sale at the Nordstrom sale. So not that much damage done. Got a few new tops and a dress and a bit of "bling". I also was such a selfless soul I even remembered my husband and picked him up 4 shirts....aren't I a saint?? So behold my shoe delight!


Greta said...

oh biiiiigggggg downfall.....i swear girl i would walk around nekkid but i will have a rockin pair of shoes on!

elizabeth said...

that first pair is fab-boo! have a blast girl:)