Sunday, June 3, 2007

Swimming Monsters

This is a school project Jacob brought home the other day. It says "Sometimes I act like a monster. When I act like a zombie I walk like Frankenstein. I make zombie sounds." I love the little picture! Eye's closed, arms out...hilarious!

Here's another that he brought. It's about our summer plans. It says "This summer I am going swimming at my swimming lessons." I love that the lifeguard has a whistle on his/her neck. There's me, Jacob and the twins too. he he!

Kindergarten has been so great for Jacob. I was so worried going into the year that we were pushing him to early. He is an October baby, so he was only 4 when he started. He has done so well, both academically and emotionally. We really lucked out!


Barbara said...

Aw I cant wait till my baby starts school... thats still like 5 years away =) i love all the cute little projects they do in class its too cute

michelle said...

this is so cute! i love it!


These pictures will be priceless for him! Good thing you are showing them here.

By th way thanks for commenting to my blog! Yes, that cow was pretty depressed, it was 90 degrees and I was watching him drag his feet!!! lol.He made me laugh so I had to cheer him up!

Angela said...

TOO CUTE! These pages are always so fun to look back on years later.

micayla said...