Monday, December 17, 2007

We are all kings

There is a fun little thing we do in our house. I forget how it started but we are all "kings of something"...kind of designating us each special in our own way. Nick is King of Cozy, because he is the snuggle bunny. Luke is king of desserts, because he licks his dessert plate clean. Jacob is king of green spaghetti, because he loves spaghetti with pesto sauce. Dad is king of coffee, self explanatory. But today in the car I got the best one. Luke said "Mom, what are you king of?" I said I didn't know, what should I be king of? He replied first with "King of Queens"..LOL! Then he changed his mind and said "no mom, you should be King of Love". Aww....super sweet!


dad said...

you guys have such a pro site maybe a little help at xmas how to do the basics for dad ???

Anonymous said...

love the king names, Noel....fitting for J too! HAHA

Jenn said...

AWH ! King of Love, that is so cute ! I love little traditions like that.... I just learned of some xmas eve tradition where elves leave everyone new PJs to wear to sleep ,im gonna start that this year, i LOVE that idea .... Traditions are what make the holidays and everyday extra special :)
Happy Holiday !

NancyJones said...

iw oulda said QUEEN OF ALL THE KINGS HAHAHAH but his answer was much sweeter. is he sucking up cuz chrismtas is coming??? hahahaha
miss you girl