Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The precious


27 cubic SF of new refrigerator goodness!! This sucker is the bomb-diggity!

In other news....the twins have a shoot for Pottery Barn Kids on Friday. Not sure yet if it's for a catalog, website, or in-store stuff. I'll let you know when I know. Should be fun!


Greta said...

Dude, that fridge rocks!!

oh i can't wait to hear about the exciting!

i have 3 pages complete for the challenge!! yay...hope to finish that little sucker by the end of the week

bruinbr said...

what a beauty! :) Very cool too that your twins are having a shoot for PB kids! :)

Anonymous said...

oh how saaaaaaaaaaweet! that fridge is da bomb girl! holy cow, look at all that room! WHOOP WHOOP!!!
Can't wait to hear more about the PB shoot! How exciting!