Monday, January 28, 2008

The weekend and other news...

Well time for an update. I think I'll do this person by person for a change....

Jacob...was sick on Tuesday with a cold...stayed home from school. Left his jacket on the playground overnight on Wednesday. Went to gymnastics on Thursday. Explained how the moon glows to me on Friday (correctly I might add). Got 100% on his spelling test on Friday and got to have Burger king in the cafeteria. Was able to go with mom for a "special day out" on Saturday to In-N-Out Burger for lunch and then off to buy his first pair of highly coveted Sketchers.

Nick...Took the dog to dog training class with dad. Was able to fight off all major illnesses. Went to preschool On Wednesday. Decided on Thursday he wanted to get his pictures taken. So Friday he was the one who went to do the Pottery Barn Kids shoot. He got to skip pre school that day. It's for the Summer 08' catalog. But they switched him and one other boy in and out so I'm not positive he will be in it...more to come on that.

Luke....let's just say he had a "rough week" and a sticker chart has been implemented to rectify the "situation". Got to have dad go to preschool with him on friday.

Jason...Didn't have Monday off of work (bummer). Has been working on getting our dog trained. Has been getting my website modified so we can switch it over to a flash based platform. Figured out our dag is a German pinscher. Fixed up my laundry room for me. Helped me clean up the house. Was the preschool helper on Friday.

Me...Made dinner every night (We are a bit cash low right I made that eating out). Got an email from the twins agent saying they wanted one of them for a shoot for PBK on Friday...had to choose a twin. Did some scrapping (see the Lo page). Did lot's of laundry. Had a "girls day out" with some friends. Went to Oakland for the PBK shoot (the awesome old part of Oakland, right on the Berkeley border where all the homes are worth like 2 million +)...ooohed and awwwwed. Took Jacob on his big Sketcher day. Fell in love with my new refrigerator...see below. Sewed on my scrap pages for the first time and broke out the grungeboard!

I think that's about it in our world last week.


SpAzzGiRL said...

a man who cleans?!!! You lucky lady!
Can't wait to see the pics of the kids!

Greta said...

WOW you had a great busy week.,...wonder you were tired

Anonymous said...

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