Thursday, July 10, 2008

A couple of PB LO's

I have actually had time to do some LO's over the last few days. The boys have been in camp. J goes in the morning and the twins in the afternoon, so it's a lot of driving and dropping off and picking up, but they have had fun! Plus I have had a bit of time to myself to clean up and get some scrapping in.
So for this one I used papers from the PB add on kit. The silver trim, ribbon and white frame are also from the kit. I added all the SL buttons and florals, the MR sheer with an old HS chipboard 6 on it. Plus I added the MM journaling page, MM tiny letters and the SR chip letter. This is a weird one for me using all that white space, but I really love it!

Then for this one I used papers from the Picnic Basket kit. The ribbon and red letters are from that kit too. I added in my fave SL buttons and florals, some AC corners, and some more of the tiny MM letters. These were photos that were sent home from preschool on the apples and when I saw that paper I thought it would be perfect!



Greta Adams said...

love the white space...u do it well...and i love that frame.....woot woot!!!

Sonda T said...

love your smile layout, noel. great job with the sketch and of course i love all those products! :) White space rules!

Jenn said...

Love these Noel ! Sorry ive been bloggy MIA, but im back now, lol .... just got sidetracked with all the doctor mumbo jumbo ! Ive been using my Noel stash alot lately ! LOL ....
Hope you had a great weekend,