Friday, January 12, 2007

Funny Boys

I have some funny kids. I wanted to share a couple of funny things that have come out of their mouths before I forget.

Yesterday I picked up the twins from preschool. There was a classmate of theirs walking by the car as I was putting them in their car seats. I asked them "What is that boys name?" Nick said nothing, not interested in answering, obviously. I looked at Luke and could see him thinking. He said "Mom........ it's called Joshua."

A few weeks ago I was giving my oldest a bath. He is a big love bug and is always saying how much he loves me. The conversation went something like this... "I'll love you forever mom". "I'll love you forever and a day Jacob". "I love you one thousand, twelve hundred, eighteen,thirty that a lot mom?" "Oh wow...that is a lot Jacob, I'm so lucky....I love you infinity"...." So anyway mom...the ovglove protects your hand up to 4000 degrees, that's why it's the perfect gift for everyone". "Oh wow, I didn't know that, that sounds neat." he he he

Oh the minds of little boys......

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