Thursday, January 18, 2007

Spongebob rules my world

Ok, so as many of you know Spongebob Squarepants is hugely popular with the little folks. My son Luke is the ham of the family and he inadvertently says quite hilarious things. Such as....

one day while playing with their new "BK bobbleheads" I hear Luke saying "I'm ready...promotion, I'm ready...promotion".

Also, we inherited the movie from some family members who brought it here and "forgot" it. Now I'm not saying it was intentional, but if you have seen it you know it is definitely not "Oscar worthy" material, so their forgetfulness may have been on purpose. Anyway, the boys were watching it and I was in the other room and I hear them all fighting over who is going to be who, a very common occurrence for any show they are watching. "I'm Spongebob...I'm Patrick....."long pause until Luke chimes in with "I'm Hasselhoff". I almost fell off my chair.


Judith said...

Tell Hassellhoff he has a VERY funny Mom, which is where he gets his sense of humor! Anyway, Love the blog!

Greta said...

oh my that is some funny crap. Your boys crack me up