Friday, January 12, 2007

Speaking of infomercials.....

Ok, so before we go to bed every night we set the TV to Sprout or noggin and then when the boys wake up they can watch TV quietly (yeah right, in theory) until we get up. One night I was watching something on Bravo and forgot to reset the channel.

At about 7:30 the next morning Jacob barged into our room and started talking about cooking chickens "and they spin and spin...and it only 39$ mom!!!!"

He is obsessed with infomercials. I think it all started about a year ago when he caught his first "Rocket Fishing Rod" ad. He went NUTS. " come see this, oh my gosh, this is so cool...I want this.... I want this"

Which leads me to the latest. The other day I was laying in bed and Jacob came in. He said "Mom...all old citizens should have life alert because it could save you if there is an emergency." "You should get that for your mom"...

Do you think my kids watch to much TV??

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Don said...

>I was laying in bed and Jacob
>came in. He said "Mom...all old
>citizens should have life alert
>because it could save you if
>there is an emergency." "You
>should get that for your mom"...

I loved your post! Wanted to comment -- I noticed on the website for Life Alert that they not only help seniors and the elderly, but also provide security for younger adults (the Life Alert pendant can be pushed in cases of crime and fire as well as medical or other emergencies). In other words, it's not just for "old citizens." As for whether your kids watch too much TV, well, I was practically raised by a TV set, so I am biased! (Look on the bright side -- they may grow up to be commercial directors and make a fortune.)