Saturday, February 17, 2007

Napa Wine Train

So my husband and I were able to get away for an overnight trip to Napa this Valentine's Day. Our first stop was the world famous Napa Wine Train. It was such a beautiful day and the train experience was fantastic! We sat in the vista dome car, so we were elevated and could see all the vineyards and wineries. It was a 2 hour round trip. And you are served a gourmet lunch along the way, with lovely Napa wines of course!

We both opted for the "Crayfish Cakes" as our first course. They were delicious! There was some very tasty sauce and an accompanying hart of palm which worked really well with it!

I ordered the Sterling Savignon Blanc to enjoy with my lunch and it went perfectly with all my courses! We bought a bottle for later.

Next up we both had the seafood bisque, which we both really loved! It had the perfect flavor and consistency. Another hit!

For our main courses Jason had the Pork Chop and I had the Salmon. Mine was fantastic! There was another delicious sauce on top and thinly sliced cucumber, red onions and some kind of fresh green on top. Under was some kale or spinach. the orzo was also very tasty! Jason enjoyed his as well, but was not to detailed in his "food experience".

So if you ever have a chance take a ride on the wine train! It is rated as one of the top 20 rail experiences in the world. We met people from Arkansas, so people come from all over to enjoy this unique time. You can't beat the food, the scenery and of course the wine!

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Greta said...

WOW that looks amazing...glad you had a good one..