Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crush 29

Last night I had a great girls night out with 7 other ladies (moms), all of which I met through preschool and kids sports. We went to Crush 29 which was pretty good. For an appetizer I had a delicious glass of the Chateau Bel Air, Haute-Medoc Cabernet from France. For my main dish I had the Snap crackle salmon. It was pretty tasty, but it may have been just a touch overcooked. The sauce it came with was delicious and the potatoes and asparagus were very nice!. I paired my dinner with a glass of the Santa Margharita Pinot Grigio, which I recommended to my friend sitting next to me as she was also having the salmon. We both loved the wine so much we had a second glass.

It was fun. We spent over 3 hours talking "mom talk" and drinking and eating. What could be better! I'm on deck to plan our next outing which will be to see my favorite 80's cover band ever, Tainted Love!

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Greta said...

yummmy!! We have an 80's cover band here to called the molly ringwald's...they kick it!!