Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vocabulary 101

So I know I gush about my kids to much bet here I go again. Sometimes the things they do are just amazing and blow my mind!

Jacob who is 5 had t ball practice last night. When they were done they all ran over to the park to play. I saw a huge colony of ants so I called him over to look at them. I said "look Jacob, this big black spot is all ants, see them moving." His response was "Oh wow, what kind of ants are they mom? Are they innocent? I mean are they good?" The use of innocent, let alone the concept of innocent meaning good blew me away! My jaw dropped.

A few days ago the twins and I were at Kohls shopping for pajamas. Apparently at some point during the day Nick had picked a dandelion and put it in his pocket. He pulled it out while we shopped and showed me. "Mom, the flower is wilted, it needs water." Huh... what.... you're 3. 3 year olds don't say wilted, nor do they understand that it would need water to get better. Wow!

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Greta said...

WOW!! Kids never cease to amaze me!!

I asked mason why does it rain and he tells me cause the ground is need to scrap that because i sure will forget it...