Monday, February 18, 2008

Say what?? I admit it, I'm 2 decades late to the game on this one. I had NO IDEA that ""Mary Mary" was a Monkees song! I always assumed it was a dope,ill,fresh jam from Run DMC until this weekend when my children changed the way I will forever hear this song. They are so into the old Monkees episodes right now it's ridiculous, and I usually "tune out" a bit when they are on, that is until I heard "Mary, Mary, where you going to?" blasting from the tube! I would do a side by side comparison but Sony BMG won't let youtube embed their version on blogger, so enjoy the Monkee's version on me!

I especailly love this version. It's like a poorly dubbed Gozilla film!


SpAzzGiRL said...

you didn't watch the Monkees back in the day?? That was one of my favs, only because mom wouldn't let me watch the Benny Hill Show! LOL She is my favorite Monkees song!

Kristi S said...

I didn't know that either!! LOL and I DID watch the Monkees!

Sonda T said...

ok so now i can post like a real blogger person! WOOHOO!

Jenn said...

WOW ! I DID like the Monkees and i didnt know that either ! lol .... ditto on the Run Dmc girlfriend ! Have an awesome time at your crop this weekend, we will be cropping across the country at the same time all weekend ! Cant wait to see what you make !
Have a great time !

bruinbr said...

ehheeheh! you are too funny! visiting your blog always brings a smile to my face!