Monday, February 18, 2008

Snow and airplanes

So we had a pretty nice weekend around here. The weather was perfect! Saturday my dad came down and took the boys (minus one pouting six year old) to the snow. They had a blast!

They brought home a sled full of snow so Jacob could see it (and think about what he missed) and they had enough to make a snowman. This was the transformers snowman. He took on various shapes and ended with this version Nick made by himself.

Then of course, as all good grandfathers do, my dad gave the boys all a toy. This time it was rubber band wind up airplanes. Those little suckers were good for a full afternoon for fun.

Saturday ended with the boys throwing all remaining snow at the neighbor girls for our own little neighborhood snowball fight!

It was a good day!


SpAzzGiRL said...

snow and pictures of boys without that is something! LOL

Jana Eubank said...

Oh my gosh! These pictures are ADORABLE! Glad they all had a fun time!