Tuesday, April 29, 2008

wii are having fun now...

Today is Jason and my 8th anniversary. Wow time flies. I managed to come up with a fun gift. We got the wii and have been playing the sports CD for the last few hours. Big fun!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nice weekend!

We had a great weekend around here! The weather was perfect (mid 80's) and the kids loved getting out into the sunshine. Today the guys spent some time washing the car and then dad turned the hose on the boys to let them run around the front lawn and burn off some energy!

I did this LO this morning using the new Crate paper Static kit, which I sell over in the store! This is such an awesome paper pack to do all your boy stuff with! it includes papers, die cuts, and rub ons...so it's a great deal!

Last night Jason and I got to go over to some friends house for a nice little party. It was so great to get out with the grown ups, even though I was really tired and we were the first to leave. At any rate his turned out to be a really nice weekend, after a long past few weeks!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Great new book and other happenings...

Well, I think I will leave my grandfathers music up for a bit. I kind of like hoping on to my blog and hearing it, so up it will stay for awhile. If you can believe it we got word this morning that Jason's grandmother is in the hospital in very bad shape. It sounds like there may be some internal hemorrhaging going on but it's unclear. I guess when it rains it pours in our family... :(

In lighter news...I ordered the new Becky Fleck "Page Maps" book from Amazon a few weeks back and over the week I have been scanning it. It looks great!! I have already done one LO with it which is the first one down below.

This is for the fabric challenge going on right now that Adrienne is hosting.

I was also honored to have been named the "Queen of Crap" over on the SYC blog! Come on over and get a LO done using those brads up this week! I have another one lined up for next week, but for now get busy using brads!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thank you

Just a quick thank you for all the supportive and thoughtful emails I received throughout the week. Each and every one meant so much to me. Thanks for being such great friends!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Sad Day....

Isn't this a great photo? I know it was taken on July 18th 1942 at a dance in Stockton, CA. I believe this was the day my grandparents met each other. If not at this dance then I know they met at a similar dance around the same time. They were married for 65 years just last month. My grandfather passed away today after a month long battle with pneumonia....I feel very sad. He was a good man, a good provider and a good husband...I will miss him.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Tree House Kit!

Hi Guys!! Here is the new Tree house kit!! I am loving this so much! Click over to the LO blog for all the details and then click here to order!! Believe me... you want this kit! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

07' Cubs

I did this for the new felt challenge over on SYC. I don't sell any of the products, but I wanted to post it because I really like how it turned out!

Lighted cubes!

My friend Simone made the coolest tutorial video on making lighted cubes! I'm going to make a strand of these to hang on top of my bookshelves in my craft room!

Click here to check it out!.