Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Coma

uuhhh. I think that's the only phrase I could utter after eating that meal I made yesterday! Oh my...was it good! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry, rolls, gravy...and topped off with the best pumpkin pie I have ever made!! Paula Dean's pumpkin pie is the bomb!!

We started the day by letting the boys decorate some sugar cookies I made the night before. They loved it!

Meanwhile the turkey was cooking....yum!

My mom and grandparents came over which was really nice. I think Jason may have surprised my grandmother a bit with this photo...LOL!

And even though it seems like Thanksgiving was just yesterday....we are on to bigger and better things. Oh yes! The boys are ready for the mother of all Holidays to be they are decorating the tree as I type! And just to ensure a peaceful home until the big day I have informed them all that Santa called last week to check in and that he gave me his home phone number if I needed to get in touch before Christmas. Evil mom alert!

Oh...and yes, apparently we do everything in our pajamas at our house...LOL!


Greta Adams said...

i know the feeling...if i am home rest assured i am in my pj's too!!!

i am ready for the holidays as well...but i won't get my tree up til next weekend :(

Unknown said...

We do everything in our jammies too, my mom often calls on the weekends and the 1st thing she asks, "Are you guys dressed yet? It's noon!" LOL
I need to pull out a tree one of these days, as soon as I get it all set up, I'll have to put it away.

elizabeth said...

oh girl, it looks like ya'll had a blast!!!!!

and yeah, if i'm not leaving the house on the weekend, then i don't ever change. shoot, sometimes i'm lucky if i make it to the

bruinbr said...

PJ's are the best! :) So glad that you and your family had such a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

That's one good lookin' bird !!!! LOL .... Oh we totally love staying in PJ's or house clothes unless we are going somewhere ! Glad you had a great day ! I love Food Network !

Sue said...

Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving!!