Wednesday, February 7, 2007

West Coast Choppers

Here they are, My little biker gang! The boys have been having a lot of fun on their new bikes. Nick is especially amazing on his. He is only 3 but I think he will be off training wheels by the summer, probably the same time as Jacob who is 2 years older! He will ride up every driveway we pass to pick up extra speed, and then he zooms off with the rest of us screaming to slow down! He's fearless. The other 2 are not. Luke in fact is my Mr. Chicken. Scared of the mosquitos, falling off his bike and scrapping his knees up, saying things like "my legs are tired." every 10 seconds. He's coordinated, but a big baby. Oh well, got to be yourself kid!

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Greta Adams said...

they are adorable....i have one just like that...which is my boy...he is the biggest baby and that girl of mine...WOAH!!! she is mean as they come and the fearless one